Big Data Series

Posted on za 02 september 2017 in Academics

I've just added three blog posts I made during the Big Data bachelor course given at the Radboud university. As a master's student I'm allowed to take on one or two bachelor courses if there's a good reason... because no other course really goes into Spark, hadoop and Scala I …

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Big Data Series - SurfSara and the Common Crawl

Posted on vr 07 juli 2017 in Academics

I wish I learned Hadoop while still in diapers..

This post will have a slightly different angle than the previous posts in the Big Data Course series. The goal for this post is just to detail my progress on a self-chosen, free format project which utilizes the Surfsara Hadoop cluster and the goal is not to solve a problem …

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Big Data Series - Hadoop and HDFS

Posted on wo 22 maart 2017 in Academics

The general idea of this post is to work out a short hello-world type of tutorial. For convenience I'll assume that you have some basic understanding of the idea behind Map-Reduce and why you'd ought to use it. For this post though, I'm not going to go with a very …

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