The class of 2015 - An analysis in what jobs the people I graduated with ended up

Posted on wo 25 maart 2020 in Projects

Computer Science degrees are notorious for their attrition rate and a lot of people switch degrees. I've switched twice myself, going from CS to AI and then to Software Engineering. Due to the way the Dutch system is organized this almost meant starting from scratch. Frankly, not my best decisions …

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Building a bird detector from scratch with web scraping and deep learning (part 1)

Posted on di 21 januari 2020 in Projects

Birbs. Image by author.

This is part 1 in a series on this project, more posts will be written as the project progresses

I'm an awful birder. While I've always been interested in birds I'm almost completely deaf to identifying them by their calls. I never started memorizing them and my ability to recognize …

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