Big Data Series

Posted on za 02 september 2017 in Academics

I've just added three blog posts I made during the Big Data bachelor course given at the Radboud university. As a master's student I'm allowed to take on one or two bachelor courses if there's a good reason... because no other course really goes into Spark, hadoop and Scala I …

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Big Data Series - SurfSara and the Common Crawl

Posted on vr 07 juli 2017 in Academics

I wish I learned Hadoop while still in diapers..

This post will have a slightly different angle than the previous posts in the Big Data Course series. The goal for this post is just to detail my progress on a self-chosen, free format project which utilizes the Surfsara Hadoop cluster and the goal is not to solve a problem …

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Big Data Series - Give me a spark

Posted on do 04 mei 2017 in Academics

So the third assignment in this series is running Spark and playing around with it. The first part was basically messing about with the query-processing, the second part is playing with data and dataframes. As these do not actually seem to be part of the required stuff for the post …

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Big Data Series - Hadoop and HDFS

Posted on wo 22 maart 2017 in Academics

The general idea of this post is to work out a short hello-world type of tutorial. For convenience I'll assume that you have some basic understanding of the idea behind Map-Reduce and why you'd ought to use it. For this post though, I'm not going to go with a very …

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